Clinical Pathophysiology-A Functional Perspective

Clinical Pathophysiology-A Functional Perspective
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Clinical Pathophysiology—A Functional Perspective is a comprehensive guide for health care practitioner which identifies the core factors responsible for health and disease, and the most effective natural medicines for both health promotion and disease amelioration. As the research foundation for personalized and physiologically based medicine has grown considerably, beginners as well as advanced practitioners will find this guidebook indispensable. It provides in-depth reviews of clinically relevant physiology and clinical applicability for complex patient care. Organized by physiological systems, such as the cellular and detoxification systems, it provides recommendations for personalized assessment and treatment, based upon an extensive review of current and peer-reviewed medical research. Fully documented, it stands out as a unique road map for optimizing patient care, oriented around the normalization of core physiological functions rather than symptom-based palliative care.

Joe Pizzorno is a visionary in the natural health field and one of today’s most respected and trusted naturopathic physicians.

“Our goal for Clinical Pathophysiology—A Functional Perspective is to focus on key methods of assessment to identify underlying core factors that are responsible for disease, along with effective interventions using natural medicines and patient monitoring to provide a truly individualized approach. To reach this goal, we have reviewed thousands of research articles and extracted the most current, relevant information for practicing clinicians, and organized it by physiological systems.” - Dr. Joseph E. Pizzorno Jr., ND

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