12 Billion Active Cells† 12 Gastric Resistant Strains

60 Vegetarian Capsules ( SKU: 9456U )


  • A multi-strain blend which helps contribute to a healthy gut flora, approximating the composition of normal intestinal flora to help support a healthy intestinal tract*
  • Each strain is resistant to gastric acidity as well as high-bile concentrations*
  • Has eight human origin strains, three dairy, and one vegetable origin strain
  • At least 12 billion CFU per capsule at expiry date (guaranteed minimum 18 billion active cells at manufacturing date) 
  • Includes prebiotic FOS (fructooligosaccharides) inulin to support healthy probiotic growth*

Feature Summary

The microbial ecosystem in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract has emerged as a “virtual organ system,” with growing recognition of its diverse significance in health maintenance.*1 GI microbiota help support and maintain healthy innate and cell-mediated immune systems.2* They also help maintain the integrity of a healthy intestinal barrier by helping detoxify the body’s natural toxins and organizing the body’s response to cellular debris.*3 In addition to helping in the maintenance of gastrointestinal health, it may also help support a healthy body weight and normal glucose metabolism already within the normal range.*4,5,6,7

Probiotics have diverse functions in health support, by modulating a normal immune response and maintaining normal, healthy intestinal barrier functions.* Mixtures of probiotics appear to have additional benefits over single strains, perhaps because of synergistic function.*8,9,10,11

Probiotic-Pro 12 has 12 bacterial species, each carefully selected to withstand both gastric acid and high-bile concentrations, and for their benefits in health support.*

†Requires refrigeration for maximum potency.

Supplement Facts:


1 capsule 3 times per day on a full stomach or as directed by a health care professional.


Contains no artificial preservatives, colors or sweeteners; no gluten or wheat.

Drug Interactions

No known drug interactions exist. Separation by at least 2 hours from antibiotic use may improve the efficacy of Probiotic-Pro12.

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